SMA Sparring Collaboration

Do you love sparring?
Do you enjoy training with new people?

If yes, then please come to our Sparring Collaboration event.

This class is focused on bringing in students of different styles and disciplines who don't normally train together.

Our goal is to improve and hone our skills, expand our ways of training and thinking, learn new techniques, and to have fun while doing it.

There are no egos, attitudes or animosity here; only respect, honor and good sportsmanship.

There is no cost for this event.
It is open to anyone who has an affinity for martial arts combat and wishes to expand their training.

Protective gear is mandatory: Head, Hand, Foot, Mouth and Groin.
This is a controlled contact seminar.

Dobaks, Gi, and Obi's are not required, wear clothing you are comfortable sparring in. (Pants, T-Shirt, Shorts, Rash guard, etc)

For more information on our Sparring Collaborations, please check our Facebook page, our events page, or contact Master Hinman.