Frequently Asked Questions

What style do you teach?
Our style is traditional Tang Soo Do as directed under Grandmaster Cheezic.
Can I try your classes first free?
Yes, in fact we encourage you to do so. We want to make sure you are comfortable with our style and classes before you commit to them.
When are your free classes?
Free classes are part of our regular classes, so you can experience exactly what you would as a student. To schedule a free trial, please call us a head of time.
Do you honor belt ranks from other styles?
Yes, while you start as a beginner in our style, you will continue to wear and line up at your previously attained rank. Your progress in our style will often be accelerated depending on your previous abilities and your practice levels.
What age limits are there?
Our classes are designed for all ages starting 4 1/2 and up.
Do you require contracts?
No, we do not have any contract requirements.
Do you have different attendance plans?
Yes, we offer three difference attendance plans to fit your schedule. Plans include options for 1 day, 2 day, or full week attendance
My schedule changes seasonally, can I change my attendance plan?
Yes, please let us know ahead of time or at the beginning of the month that you need to change your plan.
Do you have family plans?
Yes we do! Please contact us to discuss different plans and options.
When is the best time to start?
We are always enrolling new students into our classes. Start as soon as you like.
Do I need a uniform?
Yes, however, a uniform will be provided to you free with your first months payment.
What other equipment do I need?
Nothing else is needed to participate in our classes. Students who plan on sparring will need sparring gear, mouth guard and male students will need groin protection.
What other fees are there?
Fees aside from the monthly tuition include belt testing fees, typically every 3-4 months. Students who graduate to a new belt color will also add the cost of the new belt. Testing fees are $25 per student and belts cost around $10-15 each depending on color and quality.
Do I have to buy equipment from you?
No, while we do our best provide an extensive selection of gear, you are not required to purchase from us. Please check ahead of time to ensure uniforms and equipment will be suitable for class and proper safety.
What kind of contact do you make?
Sparring contact is controlled to both head and body. Our students are trained to use control and adjust both speed and power during matches to work with all students at their level.