Information On Kids Classes

Our classes have been specifically designed to both teach and challenge children. Through the practice of Tang Soo Do, your child will learn discipline, focus, and confidence as well as develope positive changes in muscle tone, strength, and flexibility.

Self Defense For KidsOur certified black belt instructors work with children of all ages and will push them to reach goals both in and out of class. Classes are available for ages 4 through teen.

Self Defense
Self defense for children is more that just being able to say no to a bully. Todays world holds a lot of unknowns, we help prepare our students with the knowledge on how to properly handle potentially dangerous situations.

Student Practicing Forms

Traditional Forms
As a traditional martial arts, part of Tang Soo Do involves learning sets of movements called forms. These forms require both focus and discipline to master.

All children are taught forms as part of their training at Sawyer's Martial Arts, even in our young age groups. Older and upper level students learn to present their forms by themself infront of their peers. Our teaching meathods encourage practice, increase confidence, technique and memory developement.

Kids Sparring

Students of all levels reguarly practice the art of sparring. This controlled contact fighting reinforces proper technique and developes fast thinking, endurance, strength and discipline.

Breaking, usually with wood or re-breakable plastic boards, is used to release energy and focus into controlled strikes. Children learn to break through objects, learning that mental preperation is equally as important as physical.