Master Dan Hinman

Master Dan Hinman

5th Dan Master Black Belt

Master Hinman has been training with Master Sawyer and in martial arts for over 25 years. Aside from teaching at SMA he is active in tournaments and the martial arts community. Master Hinman teaches in both kids and adult classes, as well as running the open sparring classes.

Rank Information

Black Belt Number 1100
1st Dan Black Belt 4/14/2000
2nd Dan Black Belt 9/2/2002
3rd Dan Black Belt 11/30/2007
4th Dan Master Belt 10/07/2011
5th Dan Master Belt 9/22/2017

Specialties: Master Hinman’s specialties are Sparring, Kicking, and Self Defense.

Awards: Master Hinman has won numerous grand championships and first places at tournaments. He was ranked 3rd in New England for Men’s Fighting in 2015. Master Hinman has competed in both the US, as well as, Europe. Master Hinman also served as head coach for Team Ironik which did exceptionally well on the New England tournament circuit.

Interests: Outside of class, you will find Master Hinman building websites, working on his car or home, brewing beer, or grilling all year round.

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