Master Lori Coppinger

Master Lori Coppinger

6th Dan Master Black Belt

Master Lori Coppinger (Tyler) began her training in Cheezic Tang Soo Do in 1977 at Central Connecticut State College (University) where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. She later continued her formal education at Holy Apostle College where she went on to earn a Master of Arts degree in Theology.

Master Coppinger has had a lengthy and distinguished career in law enforcement. She is a graduate of not only the Connecticut Police Academy but also the FBI National Academy. She retired from the West Hartford Police Department at the rank of Captain after nearly 25 years of service and upon retirement served as Interim Police Chief for the town of Canton. She currently teaches Criminal Law at Northwestern Connecticut Community College where she has been an adjunct instructor in the Criminal Justice program for 14 years. She has taught numerous self defense classes to police officers and citizens throughout her career.

Master Coppinger has also had a distinguished martial arts career, excelling in her areas of specialty- self-defense and sparring. Before instructing at Sawyer’s Martial Arts she taught Cheezic Tang Soo Do to college students attending Central Connecticut State University.

Rank Information

Black Belt Number 55
1st Dan Black Belt 5/15/1980
2nd Dan Black Belt 5/7/1982
3rd Dan Black Belt 4/8/1988
4th Dan Master Belt 1/16/1990
5th Dan Master Belt 3/12/1999
6th Dan Master Belt 10/4/2014

Specialties: Master Coppinger’s specialties include self-defense and sparring.

Awards: 1993 Professional Karate League nationally ranked Number One Black Belt Women’s Fighting
1993 Professional Karate League nationally ranked Number Three Women’s Forms
1991 Professional Karate League Woman of the Year
Numerous first place and Grand Champion awards in sparring throughout New England

Interests: Master Coppinger is an Emergency Medical Technician and CPR Instructor, a Notary Public and a Justice of the Peace.

She is a Eucharistic Minister for her church and volunteers as a Board Member for Simsbury Little League Baseball and sits on the Board of Directors for Holy Apostle College/Seminary.

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